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You can easily submit a custom ad posting campaign to meet your clients or business deadline. You will find four types of services here. Kijiji Posting Service, Craigslist Posting Service, and Gumtree Posting Service. We also provide an Ad Content Writing Service that ensures 100% unique ad copy that complies with the Ad Posting Policies and guidelines. You can order one or more services at a time. You can change or modify your ad schedule as needed.

Our Pricing

Note that we count every ad posted/reposted as a live ad. Our pricing will be per live ad-based. For ad content, we will charge for every ad content writing and rewriting because we manually write/rewrite and revise your ad copy. We have an expert native writer to do this job. So, you don’t have to pay for further revision.

Submit ad posting campaign
Submitting an ad posting campaign is very easy and straightforward.

After Approve a Campaign

We will contact you for ad details and other content after approving your order. By submitting an order you are just one step away from the campaign running process. That is invoicing. We will request a custom invoice to confirm after learning the details of your order.

Note: We will request additional data (ad title, description, images, etc. ). And, we will send an invoice before running your final campaign. This will help us to prioritize your campaign according to the submitted deadlines. We are abiding by the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to protect your privacy and data. However, If we believe that your ad campaign will go against the ad posting policy and guidelines. In this situation, we have reserved the right to cancel your ad campaign. So, before submitting an ad posting campaign here, please invest your time to read their full policy and guidelines.

We reserved the full choice of Ad campaign approval or disapproval without any further explanation. We never sell your data or information to any third-party software and companies. However, we can send newsletters and other emails about our service. You have the full right to keep a subscription or unsubscribe at any time from our newsletter.