How Proadpost Works

Plan Implementation and Success

Plan, Implementation, Success

In a brief description, we will share some key points on how Proadpost works for your business ad campaign.

First, we will evaluate your company’s overall goals and objectives to run a successful ad campaign. It will help us to plan a successful advertising campaign.

Primarily, we will ask you about the number of leads you got in average time and how much you want to increase it.

According to the number of leads you want to get in the future, you can choose different packages and plans from Proadpost that are suitable for your needs and fulfill business goals.

It is good to have a pre-plan for the ad campaign. Craigslist and Kijiji are very competitive marketplace for some businesses. And, prices always keep changing here very quickly. With too much competition, you can’t keep your ads on the first page for a long time. So, your business, service, or company success will largely depend on how many ads you want to post every day. And how frequently you set up a posting schedule by complying with the code of conduct.

You can follow some essential factors to keep your ads on top of any classified website. The most critical factor is how often or how frequently you post an ad, ad types, targeted time, and cities for the ads to get maximum exposure.

Our expert team can fulfill these requirements while posting and scheduling your ads. You need to decide how many ads you want to post every day and how many calls or leads wish to get from your potential customers in a given period.

Once you decide, we will create a plan for your business and implement it for an ongoing ad campaign. After running the campaign, you can evaluate the success rate and increase or decrease the number of ads as you need. And in this way, you can successfully achieve your business goals.

Easily Boost your Advertising Campaign.
Figure-1.2: Boosting your Advertising Campaign is the key to Success

How to start

To run a successful ad campaign, you will find a few services packages under four categories. Go to the services page first to get an overview of our services. Choose your preferred service from here. You will get some estimated ad posting packages per day under each service. Select the package and click on the “Order” button. You will redirect to fill up a form to get price quotes. Fill the form with your ad titles, keywords, categories, cities, description, and other details. And submit the order.

Once we receive your order, our project evaluation team will review it for appropriate categories and contact you. If everything goes well, we will set up a single-time or recurring payment system for you with PayPal. We will send a custom invoice for payment. Once the payment has been processed, we will start your campaign within 24-48 hours. The whole process (From project evaluation to ad campaign implementation) may take 5-7 days. So, you have to pay attention to details and keep patience during this time.

Leads to sales flow chart to understand how Proadpost Works
Figure-1.3: Finally, you will get sales that return your investment.

Leads, Follow up, Sales

Once we start your ad campaign, we’ll notify you by email or phone. We will also attach a detailed report of your ad campaign with the invoice or send you a periodical (Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly) report for your ad campaign (e.g. how many ads are live in the past cycle). So you can easily measure and scale the result of your ad campaign.

At the same time, our team will share a live google doc dashboard with you, where you can see your daily live posted ads. It may allow you to see your campaign progress and state anytime.

You can also talk to our team about any related issues or adjustments during the ad campaign. We are always ready to hear your complaints and answer your questions.

For a smooth payment processing experience, currently, we accept Paypal and Credit/Debit cards. For non-Paypal users, we can accept wire transfers, paychecks, or e-transfers. Usually, we send an invoice at the end of a billing cycle. If you plan to use our service for a long-term period, you can request our Paypal recurring payment system. So, you don’t have to pay manually each time. It will save you time and extra work. We may send you custom invoices for custom orders based on the number of ads or campaigns.

You can rely upon the systems we manage and maintain for your overall business success. We will redirect your sales call and emails to your email and cell phone, so you will get all calls and emails without exposing your real email address or phone number in a public area. We have a dedicated and 100% secure system for this. It will protect your privacy online. But, you never miss a single call or email from your potential buyers. Each time your phone ring, you will be 100% secure from spam and get laser-targeted audience/leads for your business.