Kijiji Ad Posting Service

Kijiji Posting Service is a new trend in online marketing to market your product or promote your services in Canada. Because Kijiji is the number one online classified ad website in Canada, it has a growing demand and market worldwide. Online experts assume that Kijiji will surpass Craigslist and Gumtree.

Use our Kijiji Posting Service for online promotion

You can promote your business products and services on Kijiji. We will provide you with an A-to-Z Kijiji Posting Service for your business. Kijiji has over 60 million unique visits every month. And more than 4.3 million people are returning visitors.

That means many people depend on Kijiji to buy, sell, and fulfil their basic needs.

Kijiji operates its service in Canada, Taiwan, Italy, China, France, and India. It is also allowed in Switzerland, Belgium, Taiwan, Russia, Japan, and Austria. So, it is an excellent platform for your business.

Advantages of our Service

Using our service, you’ll get the advantage of posting ads at any time of the day and any date of the year. It will save you a significant amount of time and allow you to focus your full attention on your core business.

Using our Kijiji posting service, you will get three types of benefits:

  1. Save your valuable time and money.
  2. Get the advantages of posting on time and in any targeted city.
  3. We can post ads whenever and wherever you want during the day.

What is next

After hiring us, your main task will be checking the list of posted ads. Answering phone calls and emails from new customers. You can give your entire focus to your business to grow it even bigger.

To post your ads on Kijiji, contact our customer care service. We can help you promote your ads on Kijiji, on time, as per your schedule.

Why did you choose Proadpost?

Expert and skilled team

We have advanced technology and skilled people who can post your ads with attractive design and intensive care. We are guaranteed maximum live posts and 100% privacy protection.

Advanced Reporting

You will get specific reports from us every day, every week, and every month about ad postings. We’ll create a dashboard for you in Google Docs, where we update the daily statistics to a live report sheet, so you can easily verify it.

Customer Support

Do you have any questions in mind? Are you wondering about contacting us or not? Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can easily contact us via email, phone call, or WhatsApp. 24/7 customer support is available.

Use Our Kijiji Ad Posting Service for the following:


We have advanced technology and skilled people who can post your ads with attractive design and intensive care. We are guaranteed maximum live posts and 100% privacy protection.

Job Posting

If you are looking for a talented local employee for your company, you can get a lot of local resumes from job postings on Kijiji. Get the right and most talented Canadian local candidate for your company.

Selling Cars

Do you want to buy or sell new or used cars? You will see millions of ads for new and used cars on Kijiji. If you want to sell your car, you can even get a customer by listing it on Kijiji.

Vacation rental

Kijiji is a great website for the housing industry. Here, you will get reservations for your property very quickly. If you are looking to reserve a house for your next vacation, you can easily do so from here.

Buying and Selling

To sell your business item online, you can post it on Kijiji. You will receive a lot of calls from interested people who want to buy your products in a short time. Then you can make the sale locally.

Service Offers

If you are looking for a local customer for your service, you can list your offers on Kijiji. You will find a lot of good clients for your local or global service here.

*Important Notice: All payments you make for our service are 100% non-refundable while we start working on your project. You can only ask for a refund if we don’t start working. By submitting an inquiry about using our service, you are completely aware of these terms of use and agreed. We will not accept any refund requests after using our services.

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