What You Need To Know About A Reliable Ad Posting Service

Posted at August 10, 2020 7:24 pm by proadmin

Ad posting is a new trend in marketing in the business world. This marketing job actually based on the famous classified ad websites such as Craigslist, Kijiji, Gumtree, OLX, and so on. Each ad for these websites could be a game-changer for you if you choose a reliable ad posting service.

There is a lot of classified advertising service provider on the internet, but you have to look after a few things to get the right services to achieve your business goals. Here, we will list them one by one, so you can check the performance as well. And, able to hire a Reliable Ad Posting Service for your business.

Reliable Service:

Your business information is sensitive to your success. It could be a contact list of your regular clients, maximum leads you get in a month, most popular cities, and anything that is valuable to your competitors. Before hiring an ad poster, be sure that your all information is on the safe hand. If you hired someone who sells or discloses your business-sensitive information or secret, it could be harmful to your business. Even you can lose your potential clients and reputation if you hired a bad guy who values only money beyond responsibility. So don’t get fool by the price and other things. Look at their reputation, previous work, loyalty, and client’s feedback.


Time is money. It is also true for classified ad posting. If you hired someone, who posts an ad at the night time in your preferred location, it will not bring any value to your business. So, you have to ask them if they could post your ads in the daytime. Many ad posters are living in the subcontinent that is not matched with your scheduled time, so be sure that they can work at night.

Regular work:

If you hired an irregular person, it will ruin your ad campaign. Regular ad posting is very important to get the fruit from your marketing efforts. So, before wasting your money on a big campaign, you can test or try their regularity for a week or more.

Daily report:

It is very important to check if the ads are posted correctly on time. Without a detailed report, you can’t figure out which ads are working best and which are not. Daily reporting can make the A/B testing process easier. So, you can change your campaign as needed.


Without prior experience, it is hard to run an ad campaign on a classified website. If you hired a newbie, he will waste 3-6 months to understand the full ad posting process. Even it could not be so effective as an experienced marketing team. So, the experience is the key to run a successful business campaign.

Full proof:

Make sure that their ad posting process is full proof and fulfill your business goals. There is a lot of technical knowledge involved with Craigslist posting and Kijiji postings to reduce the mistakes and flagging. If you don’t know about these techniques, you can ask them about their ad posting process. You can also request some previous testimonials to ensure that their ad posting method is full proof and effective.


There might be a lot of problems arose to run a campaign successfully. If your ad posters can’t figure out these errors and can’t solve it from their own knowledge, it can stop your campaign from the middle point. Kijiji and craigslist always changed their algorithm and ad posting policy. So, if your ad poster can’t handle account suspension or ad flagging, it may hard for him to run a campaign smoothly.

Communication skill:

Your ad posters must have fluency in spoken and written English and good command in communication skills. It is not only important to communicate with you but also to find out the errors and understand the rules and regulations of the classified ad websites. If your ad posters have a lack of communication skills, he can’t understand your commands. So, test the fluency of English before hiring him to post your ads.


If your ad poster is not available in your working hours, you can’t communicate with him or asking about the progress. It can make you unsatisfied and unsure about the ad marketing campaign. There is more or less 12-hour time difference if you hired from the subcontinent. As a result, it could be hard for them to available in your day time. So, before hiring an ad poster, make sure that he is available in your work time.

Proven work:

Without any proof of work, nobody can achieve success. It is also true for ad posting. Make sure that, your ad posters can show you some previous examples of their works (e.g. proof of leads and sales). It could be a testimonial or any form of digital proves that ensures their reliability and skill. If you’re a beginner of classified advertising, don’t hire someone without the proven work examples from their previous clients.

Maximum Capacity:

As your business grows, you may have to post a lot of ads. Before hiring someone, learn about their maximum capacity of ad posting. It will help you to grow your campaign later. If you’re unsure about the maximum capacity of ad posting, you can’t expand your campaign later.


Professional ad posting is not so easy as it sounds. It is the foundation of your business growth. If you are failing the hire the right team for your ad marketing campaign, you will end up wasting money without any result.

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