8 Tips for Successful Marketing Campaign on Craigslist

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Today we will share some core points for creating a successful marketing campaign on Craigslist. To learn more about this topic, please read on the rest of this article.

A brief history of Craigslist

Since 1996, Craigslist is one of the most used and top-ranked classified advertising websites in the world. In 1995, a man named Craig Newmark created an email list for the local events of their city. From this time, Craigslist begins its journey.

Gradually, this list growing and divide into many categories and classes. At that time, the website was available for 50 countries. In this period, an ad can be posted in numerous categories. After that, the website was divided into several categories, including jobs, personal ads, housing, etc. It becomes a famous platform for home and property owners from all over the world to integrate each other and make offers to buy and sell their housing/properties.

From these era, small eCommerce merchants to wholesale traders, everyone able to realize the potential market value of a craigslist ad campaign. Now, it is famous for selling anything for the best price within a short period of time.

Create a Successful Marketing Campaign for Craigslist

So, if you are thinking about running your business campaign through Craigslist, follow the tips from below to get the best results and reduce ad flagging:

Tips #1. Do a deep product research or analysis

Before creating your ad copy, analyze your products or service in detail. Find some websites related to these products on Google and do broad research on how they are representing this service or how they describe the product. It is important what massage or tone they use to connect with readers and how they are encouraging them to buy their products.

Tips #2. Outline your own Product

With the help of this information, you can write your own product content with a beautiful title and other topics. Then go to the Craigslist and find out the specific section for your product and see how your business competitors are presenting the product and how much they are offering for this. Do not forget to describe all details of your product.

If you are failing to provide the broad details, your customer’s may think that your product does not have these features, or maybe you are using craigslist as an advertising board. You have no intention to sell the product. So, try to put as many details as you can in the ad content to make the content legit and sale-worthy.

Tips #2. Make the product title easy to understand

There is no doubt that the title plays a vital role in your ad content. By viewing this piece of writing, someone intended to click on your ads. So, make your title clean and as detailed as possible. In the title, add some important details and features of your product. Do not use all capital letters or exclamation marks in your title. This type of practice may make your ad seems spammy to the Craigslist Community.

Tips #3. Use the important keywords in your title

First, find out what keywords your customers are using to search your product or service. Then arrange your product title in a way that contains the keywords that peoples are looking for. If you put the right keywords in title, your potential customers will find you easily.

Tips #4. Use the appropriate image for your product

Usually, using too much hypertext language in craigslist ads are considered as spam. So, it is better to use the easy and supported text in your ad. If you want to give your ads a creative touch, try to use an image instead of hypertext markup language. Craigslist users are usually like to see ads that contain some image. They are usually avoiding the ads that do not have any images. So, do not forget to use appropriate pictures when you are creating the ad content.

Tips #5. Create links to your website in your ad content

When posting ads on Craigslist, create a link to your website using the appropriate word. So, a viewer can easily visit your website. The best way to do this is to link the product page of your website instead of the homepage. If you wanted to sell a product, creating an specific link to the product page is 95% effective than a homepage. This process is called deep linking.

Tips #6. Change the ad content before reposting

One of the most important policies of craigslist is that, you cannot repost an ad within 48 hours. If you are doing this your ad will not be visible in the search result. But you can see it in your dashboard. This situation is called ghosting. To avoid ghosting, wait at least 48 hours after posting an ad. Meanwhile, you can create a new ad.

Change the content and the title of the ad as much as possible. Remove the previous ad, and then post the new ad again. Do not post an ad more than once. Always, try to keep some extra versions of the same ad using different titles and content in hand, and gradually post them throughout the week.

Tips #7. Track the ad results

Besides, posting different types of ad, keep a detailed track on ad performance. For example, which ads are bringing the additional leads, which ads are attracted the maximum number of viewers, etc. Also keep other details of an ads (e.g: Performance, Leads, Conversion etc). With these detail in hand, prepare a report at the end of the month to determine the overall success of your campaign. And create a plan for the next campaign.

Tips #8. Give a local phone number to contact

Okay, you are creating your ads and make everything simple and clear. But one thing you may skip that is providing a local number with your ad. A local number will help your customer to contact you later and add some real value to your ad content. It is a sign of serious business, and if someone really interested, they will take note of your number and call you later in their free time. I

t is a direct communication without any third-party that will lead to sales and profits. Always, try to give a secondary number for your customers to contact with you. Craigslist is not a safe place to put a personal phone number. So, be mindful to this, while giving your number in a public place.


Remember and follow these tips when posting ads on Craigslist to run a Marketing Campaign for Craigslist. If you follow these tips, you will able to grow your business on Craigslist and increase the number of subscribers and customers.

You may need professional help to complete these tasks in a timely manner. We are providing these services for a long time and we know how to successfully market your product or service. To run a Marketing Campaign for Craigslist, feel free to contact us. And we will do our best for you to win the market.

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