Classified Ads: Three Unique Strategies to Boost Customer Retention

Posted at June 3, 2021 3:32 pm by proadmin

Classified Ads: Unique Strategies to Boost

Regardless of your advertising platform, it will bring you customers today or tomorrow. For the best result, it’s essential to focus on the duration and the strategy you use rather than just relying on a fixed value. If you are constantly posting, you will get noticed by the maximum number of users. Say it Kijiji, Craigslist, Gumtree, Facebook, Twitter, local newspapers, or any other medium; your local communities and potential customers will become familiar with you through regular advertisement.

If you offer to solve real-life problems, they will search you online later if they face these problems anytime. So, if you wait to get the ROI of your advertising dollars immediately, it does not mean your advertisement is not working as expected.

You can only sometimes track your ad effectiveness because most people do not need these services immediately. If your ads can impress them, they will remember you whenever they need you later.

But you can track the effectiveness of your advertisement. You can easily track the ad conversion if you record everything and ask your customers where they find your service. It will help you understand if your ad works or not.

You can offer a coupon or 5%-10% off if you want to track the advertising effectiveness. If someone asks for a discount, you can track how they found you through your classified ads. There are three common ad-tracking strategies.

Offer less price for a well-known item:

Offering a service or product for less than the regular price may attract more customers to your business. This strategy is known as the “Loss Leader” strategy in business. Your customers come to your store for the price of an item, but you will profit from the other things they bought from you. The only downside of this strategy is that if your customers only come to you for a lower price, they might stop when you return to the regular price.

Refrain from offering coupons for this strategy, as your regular customers may be offended by this idea of providing a lower price for only a few customers.

You can show bargain prices for all your customers until you finish. You can offer a special price for a particular day or event if you have a digital or intellectual product.  

Feature a product differently:

You may generate fewer customers than the first strategy, but their quality is better than the first type of customers. Keep in mind while you are using this strategy:

  1. Find a unique product that other competitors need to offer.
  2. Hire a solid writer who can write the story of your product effectively.

You can measure the effectiveness of your advertising strategy by counting your customers’ total sales/increase.

Both of these strategies will work for a limited time. You may return to your regular pricing when you have sufficient customers. Set a date in your promotional calendar to expire this offer. If you are selling physical products, fill your stock with enough items, 1 per customer, to satisfy the inquiry within a timeframe. You can also explicitly mention how many products are available in your inventory now.   

Use a unique word or phrase.

Using a unique word is called a word flag. A word flag is a unique and impressive word or phrase that can recall an item after many days. And customers love to use these unique identifiers to introduce something to others or ask the sellers. You can use a word flag for your ad to make a deep impression. The only downside of this strategy is that it will generate few customers like the above strategies. A word flag is helpful to stand your ads out from the crowd and promote customers’ word-of-mouth references.

Now what?

Can a solid classified ad be written using two or all strategies from above? The answer is yes. It would help if you found a dependable and appealing ad content writer who can create a deep impression on your customers using the title and ad content. Need help to write your ad content? Contact us now. We can help you to write all types of advertisements. Grow your audience by regularly posting ads on the leading classified websites. Learn more about our ad posting strategy, plan, and pricing by visiting the Kijiji Posting Service page.

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