Selling on Craigslist: 10 Tips for Better Results

Posted at January 24, 2020 7:02 am by proadmin

Most people who use Craigslist have detailed experience with selling on Craigslist. These classified websites bring you better results if you know the right strategies. Here, you will find many genuine and authentic business people interested in buying or selling products, services, and various useful and luxury products. So it’s better to see items you like or get help from experienced people to find the needed services. 

Here, I will give tips on what to buy or sell on Craigslist. You can also easily find specific customers for your services or products using these tips.

  1. Find the place directly on Craigslist where you lived. Craigslist is an ideal place for local buyers and sellers. So, find out the state or city you live in from Craigslist to advertise your services or products.
  2. Create your own Craigslist account for better security.
  3. If you already have an account, delete old posts. This will keep your dashboard clean and organized.
  4. Always check for other areas where you can place your ad. The more you post in a potential area, the more likely you are to sell your product.
  5. Pay attention to what kind of response you get because scammers are usually interested in your product and ask simple questions. But anyone who is interested in buying your products will ask good questions about the product, such as potential benefits or advantages and disadvantages.
  6. There are many low-ballers who can encourage you to price your products or services 10%- 20% higher than the market. This type of strategy can cause the buyer to lose interest in your product. So, it is very important to set the right price that will benefit both you and your customer.
  7. If you can deliver a product yourself, you must check it before you do so and give it to open spaces and public places. There is no substitute for caution. If you provide furniture or large items like this, add the pickup cost, resulting in a lower price but some extra money for transport from your customer.
  8. Any buyer wants to see the product before buying, So take a few good pictures of your product and send the best photos in the email. These photos will allow your customers to understand your products better.
  9. If you are selling a collectible or expensive item, check other online places. For a successful sale on Craigslist, both sides need to be satisfied, and you have to offer a competitive price.
  10. Also, be careful about the payment. Get payment by Money Order, PayPal, or other secure methods. You must deliver your product by hand or after the payment has cleared. Not everyone can be like you. Don’t tell them your personal information.

If you feel you can’t post ads on Craigslist correctly or your ads are not professional and good-looking, remember that some experienced people can help you post your ads correctly. Feel free to contact us for a free quote for Craigslist Ad Posting and start selling right now!

Thank you again, and Happy Posting!

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