Manual VS Automation: Which One is the Best Kijiji Ad Posting Method

Posted at November 18, 2020 3:50 pm by proadmin

Today we are going to discuss the difference between manual VS automated ad posting methods in Kijiji. So, you can understand which one is the best kijiji ad posting method for your business.

Kijiji Ad Posting for Marketers

Kijiji Ad Posting is an alternative marketing method for online marketers. The scope and advantage of this marketing are growing day by day. Especially, Kijiji is extremely popular in Canada and Canadian Business Community. Many people use this popularity to sell their products, properties and services.

However, successfully posting/reposting Kijiji ads is a repeating, time-consuming and tiresome task. So we will learn about the task scheduler or Kijiji ad posting automation process. This process can maintain by data programming. It is an excellent example of Artificial Intelligence and cloud systems.

How Data Programming Works for Kijiji

People usually tend to click on the top ads of a search result after searching for an item on Kijiji. If your item shows at the top position for a specific keyword or category in Kijiji, your chances will be higher to get a sale from this ad.

If you want to advertise your business product or services on Kijiji, you may have to post multiple ads every day. For example, in various categories or cities, you may have to cover. As the new rule of Kijiji, you can’t keep two identical ads live from one account. If you want to post two ads for one item or service, you may need to create a variation for them.

At first, make sure that your ad copies are unique and describe all the necessary features and points. And then post them according to the code of conduct or advertising policy of Otherwise, your ad will not be published and removed immediately after posting.

Here, you will find data programming or task scheduler handy to successfully posting your ads. Once we set up a campaign for your Business Ad Posting, it will run according to our manual commands that we regularly update according to your needs.

Now, let us explain the Ad Posting methods:

There is a total of three ways to post on Kijiji. One is the manual that needs a person to post using his account, computer, and IP tool. It is a safe and error-free process but less productive and time-consuming. The other method is task scheduling and ad campaign automation by data programming. Kijiji ad posting automation is not a set and forgets type of work. You must have programming efficiency and manual supervision to do this work successfully without any error. You can use three methods for Kijiji ad posting automation:

  • Ad Posting Software.
  • Cloud Server and Automation Tool
  • Data Programming

There is much difference between automation software, cloud computing system and data programming. All of these methods are entirely different from each other, but the goal is the same. Automate the tedious task and handle data processing by programming language. In software, any errors in data input can stop the ad posting campaign. In cloud computing, you have to set up and update everything manually, which is not likely to be wrong, but it stills takes time and attention. 

But in data programming and browser profile management, you can manage everything within a short time using a clean method without violating any policy given by This process is monitoring and updating manually by our staff and programmers regularly. You will not get any error using this process unless Kijiji updates its algorithm and policy. Today we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these three methods: Manual, Software, Cloud computing and Data Programming for Kijiji Ad Posting.

Manual Ad posting on Kijiji:

People usually use a manual method to post a Kijiji ad. Because it is less likely to be wrong, it can change or update at any time before posting. It has a minimum cost if you do it without any assistant. But this method takes much time, and you can’t cover more than one city or area to post your ads. You may have to post ads all day long/spend plenty of money to cover more than one city or category for a retail or business ad posting. So, it is not possible to save time and money both using this method. Also, hiring people for manual ad posting can cost you $0.50 to $2 per ad. In some cases, it may cost more. So, it is also not a cost-effective method.

Using software’s to post in Kijiji:

Many people think that we should use a manual process, while we can do it using the software. The software is more complicated to use than the manual method. If something wrong in data input, the whole campaign will stop or get a reverse error. It can harm your current ad campaign, as well as delayed your entire ad posting campaign. Moreover, your IP address isn’t 100% secure in the software method. As a result, your ad account can be suspended, banned or getting excessive ad-flagging errors every day.

Posting Ads on Kijiji using cloud system:

Your IP remains protected in this method, and your account will remain secure and post your ad in time without any errors. It is the power of data programming that can automate a task and schedule a post for the exact time when your customers are available.

Every ad campaign runs from a cloud server using the unique residential IP address and unique browser profile in this system. We use the data programming scripts to do this task effectively that our programmers regularly update as your need. So, the probability of being error by this method is very low. If done correctly, it can bring great results from an ad campaign. Using this method, you can post your ad in more than one city or category without any block or policy violation. Since the whole process is monitored every day with care, it is easy to fix any error and update your ad copy and titles according to your needs.


In these three methods, which one is the most efficient and useful for your business? You can probably start with a small campaign to evaluate the effectiveness of ad posting. However, suppose you are willing to sell your products or advertise your business on a large scale. In that case, you can switch to a cloud computing system to process your business data without any violation. Do you know any other methods to successfully posting your ads on Kijiji? If you know any painless and easy-to-implement ways, you can notify us by commenting below. No more today. We will be posting an article about Kijiji’s ad limit policy and duplicate ad policy after a few days.

Need reliable Kijiji posting service to post your ads all over Canada? You can contact us or submit an order for advertising right now. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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