Kijiji Toronto: Best City for Apartment, Car, Job Ad and more

Posted at November 10, 2020 3:38 pm by proadmin

Toronto is one of the most buzzing and beautiful city in Canada ?. As a big and beautiful city, the lifestyle is completely corporate-based here. So, we are going to explain here, why Kijiji Toronto is the best city for Apartment, Car, Job and other business ad.

You may know that, Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario, so it is one of the most populated cities in Canada. Toronto GTA is the most popular area for advertising Apartment Rental, Cars, and Jobs Ad. There are approximately 2,731,571 people lives in this city according to 2016, so it is a big opportunity for any kind of business to grow in this vast economy.

A normal Canadian Job holder’s good salary is approximately $56k on average excluding tax. That mean’s you can achieve $50k very easily if you try appropriately. Again for the lifestyle, it is a big opportunity for any kind of business. Especially for cars, apartments, and job ads. They can find the appropriate clients or customers by advertising here.

Canadian Condo/Housing Business is one of the most profitable businesses as the Canadians are spending a remarkable amount of their income on living and housing fees. Yet, it is profitable for them, because they spend less on their big life events.

Research showed that there are approximately 11% of peoples are living under the poverty line based on the Canadian economy. An average couple in Canada can save some money for their future, if they are able to income $120k per year. So, if you’re living in the Canada, Toronto you may improve your income day by day, by starting a business.

Why Business

Job is not always secure for the future, but business does. Here we can share some unique creative business ideas, that can increase your income.

Gardening accessories

While the city of Toronto is a solid corporate area, there may be a lack of greenery that you can fulfill by supplying gardening accessories. You can supply beautiful plants, trees, pot, and other gardening equipment for household, office, and corporate areas.

Housing Supplies

As a heavily housing area, there are huge demands for housing supplies. You can start supplying equipment for this purpose. You can utilize the housing category of Kijiji to find the appropriate buyers for your business.

Car Parts Supplies

Kijiji Toronto is very popular for car ads. So, here you will find a big market for car parts and other accessories. You will find dedicated categories for vehicle parts, tires, and accessories in Kijiji. You can use this category to market your products.

Offer a Freelance Service

Most peoples are advertising on Kijiji to search for an employee. Instead, you can offer an agency based service for office work here. After getting the job you can employ freelance contractors from the South Asian Marketplace. Their hourly rate is relatively lower than the other place of the world. So, you can save a big money by managing them.

Offer a Local Service

As an independent and corporate community, there may be the highest demand for local service and jobs. You can offer local service/jobs such as tutoring, beauty spa, house cleaning, garage cleaning, garage sales, garden/lawn cleaning, repairing, plumbing, or even pet care and training service to acquire a sustainable living. If you know boutique works, you can make custom clothing for sale on various occasions.


No matter, what is your background is, achieving sustainable living in Toronto, Canada is just a matter of time and right work. If you know your work you can easily achieve your business goals in Kijiji Toronto. With a good marketing strategy, such as our Kijiji ad posting service your sales will be boost like a sky rocket ? within someday.

If you need help to post/repost your ads on Kijiji for your business, feel free to contact us. We will try our best to improve your sales and business growth.

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