Important Things to Know Before Buying or Selling on Kijiji

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Kijiji is the biggest and populated classified advertising community in Canada. It makes buying and selling easy and hassle-free for local peoples. Are you interested in buying or selling on Kijiji? Here is some important information to do it safely and seamlessly:

Best tips for Buying or Selling on Kijiji

Every day, more than 3 million ads are usually active on Kijiji. More than 2 ads are posted per second. Every single day, a lot of transactions happened in Kijiji. For instant chat and easy search features, members of this website have been buying, selling, communicating, negotiating, and meeting since 2005. No matter, what you buy or sell, everything from simple contact to the transaction is very easy and straightforward here! So, we are going to list some helpful tips on buying and selling on Kijiji neatly and avoid the hassle of initial contact.

Useful tips for buyers:

Always try to meet face to face

Always try to meet your buyer and seller face to face. There are many reasons for this. So before purchasing anything you should meet your seller first. It will gives you the opportunity to look at the item and examining it carefully before buying. Especially, before buying a phone or car, it is very important to see and test every details. So, try to meet your seller at an open place, such as in a coffee shop, shopping mall or any other public place to examine the product.

Ask questions

For some items, you may not be able to test or try before buying. Such as dishwasher or blender. In this case, ask the seller to show you a recent video of the requested product. And ask questions about the product. For example:

  • Does this product work well?
  • Why are you selling it?

Before buying technology products

iPhone and other technology products are very popular in Kijiji. If you want to purchase a new tech product, always try, even if it appears in a freshly sealed box. Ask the seller to open the packaging and show it before purchasing the product.

Some more phone-related tips:

Ask the seller to send the phone’s EMEI number to find out if the phone is lost or stolen. It is possible to know by dialing *#06# from any phone. After getting the EMEI number you can check it on the specific website to see if this phone is legit. However, it may takes up to 4 hours to be published on the website if the phone getting lost or stolen. So, check the number one more time before you meet.

Check that if the phone is in lock mode or the phone’s information has been deleted remotely. In both case, the activation lock will prevent you from using the phone.

It is best to restore any second-hand phone’s factory settings to avoid any possible malware and virus attack. Ask the seller to open the phone’s SIM card slot. If he can’t open it, the phone is probably fake. Ask the seller to unlock the phone. If he is not able to do this, then the phone is probably stolen.

Know it well before buying

Remember, some retailers do not give any guruntee for refund. Also, any third-party services, such as Kijiji, will not guarantee your transactions. So you have to meet the seller first, verify the product, ask questions and examine the product well, before buying. If you buy with cash money, ask for a receipt.

Some tips for the seller

Primary communication

When a potential buyer first contacting you, there are several things to keep in mind:

Does this person’s email address look real or is it full of numbers and random letters?

  • Does he sends a call or message with a personal number and requesting you to send an email?
  • Are there a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes in the communication?
  • Are they asking you to advertise your website, or sell your product (for a fixed fee)?
  • Or any other service (for example, someone will pick the product, and make your payment via wire transfer) or ask you to provide any other information (e.g. bank details, checks, etc.).

If any of the above incidents occur when communicating your potential buyer, then you stop contacting them and report to Kijiji.

Meet face to face

If your communication with the potential buyer is smooth and hassle-free, now it is time to sell the product. Always try to meet your buyer in a neutral and calm environment. If the person do not want or hesitate to meet or wants to send a third person to buy, then it is best to say no. Visiting face to face is one of the best ways to make transactions easily.


When you meet the buyer locally and they are ready to buy your item, the next step is payment! If you want, you can accept payment on PayPal which is fast and safe or you can take the payment in cash. E-transfer is a popular method, but if someone wants to make a payment without meeting you, be careful. You can also take the money in check or wire transfer but it can take a week or so for fund clearence.

In a nutshell…

Buying or Selling on Kijiji is very smooth and simple. If you find that the potential buyers are hesitant to meet you or want to move the conversation to another context, topic, or site, stop communicating. You will definitely find a lot of interested buyers in our big community.

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