How to use Classified Ad Posting Service to Grow your Local Business

Posted at November 7, 2020 3:48 am by proadmin

Are you looking for an Scalable Classified Ad Posting Service for your Business?

If yes, you are in the right place. Online classified ad websites are free to use and generate high-quality leads. Peoples are using these websites to find the best product on the market at a best price. You will get a lot of targeted audience and customers from here. They will likely be turning into your paying customer after a few conversations. Our job is generating high quality leads for your business that you can turn into a customer by successful communication.

As a team…

Our Proadpost team is highly organized to prepare, maintain and post your ads on time. Meanwhile, you can focus on your business or have some quality time with your family. No need to spend 10 of 100 hundreds of hours every day manually posting ads on these websites.

Our Workflow

Our workflow is very simple and straight forward, yet effective. First of all, you will submit your ad copy with all images, titles and descriptions. Then, we will review and find the appropriate keywords for your product or service.

We also create some variations of your ad and schedule to post every day. We have a cloud setup and have our software to do this effectively. So, our ad goes live 99.99%. We have some expert team members who programmatically handle the full process. If any ad getting flagged, we are investigating the appropriate reason and fix them immediately.

We’re running an Internet Advertising Marketing Agency that provides a complete Classified Ad posting service for leads generation and creates a regular online listing using classified websites through a cloud computing system.

Our service area is:

  • Classified Advertising
  • Online Classified Marketing
  • Classified Ad Rotation
  • Classified Ad Schedule and Maintaining
  • Cloud Ad Posting Service.
  • Online Classified Product Promotion
  • Online Business/Service Promotion
  • Lead Generation
  • Real estate property listing on Classified Websites
  • Online Classified Service Promotion
  • Service listing on Classified Websites
  • Local/International Job Posting.
  • Online Classified Ad Boosting
  • Finding new clients or customers for your service/business.
  • Business support for advertising and marketing
  • Local lead generation.
  • Local business promotion.

What we offer:

We offer four types of Specific services for Classified advertising/Classified ad posting on Kijiji. These are:

Kijiji posting/listing service:

We provide a classified posting service for all types of products and businesses. We can post your product or service listing on any top and small cities of Canada through Kijiji, where it will be viewed by a tremendous amount of interested people. So, you can easily get the targeted local lead or customer for your business. It will provide a regular flow of leads or customers that is important for a sustainable business.

Kijiji Ad Boosting Service:

Do you have some high-quality ad content for your business/service? But you don’t have enough time and experience in boosting them properly? We can help you to boost your product/service on Kijiji. It is a very expensive and time-consuming process if you doing it manually. But We have an advanced cloud system setup and technology that can schedule or post your ads as many times as you need for a specific city or category to keep it in the top position. It will ensure maximum visibility for your ad content.

Kijiji Ad Content Writing/Rewriting

Ad contents playing a vital role to stay a long time and catching the audience’s interest. We are providing professional ad content writing services for Kijiji. First, you will submit your sample ad copy. Then we will research the appropriate keywords for your content and prepare Ad Content using SEO principles to get maximum visibility in Kijiji and Search engines both. Our in-house writers are very expert to write unique contents and catchy title’s for maximum attention.

Classified Ad Content Preparation

We prepare our ad content that stated your product or service on the page title. The ad may contain your business name, email address, phone number, website URL, price and some unique pictures of your product/service that you want to promote.

Our full process consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Finding appropriate keywords and website

To get the maximum benefits of classified advertising make sure that your ad content has an appropriate keyword and it is very clear to read and understand. Also, the page rank of a classified website has a big impact on search results and queries. So, make sure that you choose the right website for advertising. For example, Kijiji is the top Classified Advertising Website for the whole of Canada. So, you can get maximum customers from Canada by advertising here.

Step 2: Following the Guideline for Classified Ad Posting

Every Classified website has its own rules and code of conduct for posting or reposting ad contents. Before we posting/schedule ad content for these websites, we carefully review the ad contents to ensure that it meets the guideline provided here and have a maximum possibility of going live.

Step 3: Ad Tracking and Conversions

While these websites are interests, leads, and sales based, so the maximum views have less importance here. Your success will be measured by the sales and leads you are getting every day. To measure this we can set up a call or email forwarding to your phone or email by masking with other numbers and email. So, you will not miss a single leads for a business that is highly targeted and easy to convert. This will help you to improve your content and service day by day and build a pure base of the sales funnel.

You can also promote your listing by social bookmarking and other methods. If you want to bookmark your ads on Social media, we will charge an extra amount for this.

Please Note:

  1. Every Classified Ad posting Campaign will run for 30 days or less depending on your subscription or payment. If you want to run an ongoing ad campaign, you have to subscribe to our recurring payment system. We have the right to suspend or restart your campaign at any time for errors or other vulnerabilities. We have the right to change your ad content to get maximum visibility.
  2. You have to prepare your unique ad title, description, and unique images before submitting a campaign to us.
  3. We can write your ad content and variations but you will be charged some extra amount for this.

Still, have some questions about our classified ad posting service? Feel free to check our FAQ section or contact us if you don’t find your query yet. We will try our best to satisfy you.

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