How to Optimize Your AD Conversion Tracking in Kijiji

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Ad conversion tracking is an old trick of marketing to measure the effectiveness and success of an ad campaign. Since we are mainly working on Kijiji ad posting, we will focus on some useful methods and techniques to find the effectiveness of a classified ad campaign. Our goal is simple. If we can measure the result of an ad campaign, we can quickly scale or evaluate our ads to get better results from a promotional or automated classified ad campaign.

Difference Between Promotional and Automated Ad Campaigns

Before measuring the results, let us describe the difference between a promotional and an automated ad campaign:

DifferencePromotional Ad CampaignAutomated Ad Campaign
Posting FrequencyA promotional ad campaign will be posted once but can be promoted many times for a specific city or category.In an automated ad campaign, a certain number of ads are posted daily, after removing the old ads.
Time of ExposureA promotional ad will be showing on the first page or top areas of a website for a certain period of time, depending on the popularity of the city or category.An automated ad campaign will renew or repost ads every day that ensures the top position in a peak hour every day. Usually, 11.00 am – 6.00 pm or as you need.
PricingA promotional ad campaign needs a one-time charge or fees for a specific time frame to promote your ads. It could be vary depending on the popularity of the city or category.An automated ad campaign price depends on every successful live ad on the website, how many times you want to post an ad daily, or how many areas or cities you wish to cover.
DifficultyA promotional ad campaign is easy to use. You can promote your ad with a few clicks and pay for the promotion. But the cost is usually higher than an automated or manual ad campaign.An automated ad campaign needs profound knowledge of Statistics, Analytics, Cloud Computing, and programming that is not easy for everyone.
EffectivenessA promotional ad campaign is only effective for popular categories and cities because it shows in the top area of Kijiji that ensures maximum ad views from all types of visitors. But all of them may not interested in your business.An automated ad campaign is effective for a certain period of a day. And only interested visitors will see the recent ads from a category or city. It seems to them like a new and recent ad on the first page as it is posted every day.
Difference Between Promotional and Automated Classified Ads

Okay, now you may know the difference between promotional and automated ad campaigns. Now we will see how we can track the result or success of an ad campaign for both type of promotion:

Promotional Ad Conversion Tracking:

Promotional ads are available on the page for a long time and in the featured areas of a website. So, you cannot measure the success of a promotional ad campaign using ad views. Because interested and curious both types of peoples can check these ads. So, the ad views are generally higher than a regular post. You can track the conversions or leads that you get from this promotion. There are two types of conversion: Ad reply and landing page visit or phone call. Take a note of the ad replies and phone calls that you have got after promotion. Also, you can track the website or landing page visits and contact page replies using google analytics to find the exact picture of your ad conversion.

Automated Ad Conversion Tracking:

Automated ads are posted daily at a scheduled time. So, the Ad replies from a new ad usually happened within 1-4 hours. For less competitive areas, the time frame is 24-36 hours. Within this time, you will get the ad replies from a new ad. Ad views are not crucial for automated posting because the ads are posted on the website daily. And only interested people will see your post. To find the actual conversion of an automated ad campaign, you must focus on the ad replies, calls, and website visits. Ad replies of the manual or automated ad campaigns are typically higher than the promotional ad campaign. Because interested peoples tend to reply to the most recent update of the first page.


Okay, we discussed the difference between promotional and automated ad posting campaigns, their effectiveness, and how to track the conversion or result of an ad campaign. Always try to maintain an excel sheet with every detail of your ads. So, you can track the success or failure of your ad posting campaign and figure out which ad works, and which are not. Rinse and repeat the process until you find your buyer’s sweet spot and what type of ad works best for you.

If you need help from an expert ad posting team or virtual assistant to update and manage your ads daily using real-time data, you can contact us. We will post your classified ads regularly, maintaining a perfect time and schedule. Our regular posting will generate a tremendous amount of leads for your business that you can easily convert to your customer. It will also improves the SEO rankings of your website or landing page. Stay blessed and happy posting!

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