How to Post Free Classified Ads on Local Classified Websites

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Do you want to Post Free Classified Ads on Local Ads websites?

Classified ad posting is an effective form of marketing. It is a new trend of business promotion. If you want to reach more customers and grow your business day by day, it is the best answer. You can run a successful classified ad posting campaign with a small amount of money. It could be ranging from $120-$1000 per month, depending on your ad campaign and needs.

Advantage of Classified Ad posting

Classified advertising is a massive opportunity for small business owners who want to promote their business in a local area. There is a lot of classified ads posting service, that can help you to reach your goals. You want to spend money on advertising or not, it will be useful for your business. You can run a classified advertising campaign using your own time and money. Or hire professional ad posters to do this job on behalf of you.

Where to Post Free Classified Ads

There are several classified ad websites available on the internet to post free classified ads. Each of these websites gets millions of visitors every day. You can use one of them to build brand awareness and business reputation. Find the most popular ad websites in your local area. It will help you to reach your targeted audience. Here, we are giving some points to remember before posting any ads to a classified website:

Classified Ad Posting Campaign Goals

Classified ads are a new trend in online marketing. It can boost your visitor flow and provide you new clients and customers even you in a tight marketing budget. You can opt for classified advertising if you do not have enough money to pay for Google or Facebook Ads. It is a perfect choice to bring the highest result from targeted customers.

Save Time and Money

You can save your time by using a reliable ad posting service for your business. Using this service, you can post, repost, create, delete, update, or manage your ads without spending extra time and money. The cost is little comparing to the traditional advertisement. You can hire a customer service representative to attend to phone calls and answer customer queries. You can get these types of talents from the freelance marketplace.

Get Regular Flow of Leads

Classified ads could be a helping hand for you to find new clients and customers to keep your business running. Many entrepreneurs use them as a lead generation engine. They meet with interested people by local classified ads and turn them into a valuable customer. By writing a few eye-catching headlines and a few lines of ad copy, you can advertise any business. Nowadays, it is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for business.

Main Benefits of Local Classified Ads

Maximum Local Classified ads are not free of cost in the USA and Canada. They support normal activities to advertise your business. To combat spam and sustain their platform, they can charge a different range of costs to promote your product or business. It may depend on many factors for specific states or cities.

Some websites are offering paid features and promotional options to increase visibility and reach. Some of them are offering ad posting facilities for a one-time payment. You will get very targeted and specific leads and sales using these websites.

You can examine all features and facilities before using any of these websites for the USA and Canadian lead generation. Gumtree is popular in Australia and the UK. Here we list some key benefits of Local Classified ads:

  • Save a lot of time and workloads.
  • Get laser targeted visitors and customers.
  • You can use the free ads on the paid sites to test the result.
  • Easy to follow ad posting terms & guidelines.
  • Easy to keep track of ad campaign results.

Best tips for Classified Advertising

Remember that classified ads could be a good source of new clients and customers. If you want to build a local business through classified ad websites, you can follow these tips. These tips will help you to create a successful ad campaign:

  1. Choose a service that can post or repost your ads daily and weekly basis. It will ensure to keep your ads in the first position and draw the most attention from your targeted audience. By using this method, you can keep your ads in the top place and get more views.
  2. Be sure to read the posting guidelines, code of conduct, and terms of use. It will help you to create the right ad copy and increasing the approval rate. If you do not have enough time, you can use a professional ad posting service to do all of these tasks.
  3. Research specific search keywords and use them to reach more targeted audiences. Using search keywords is crucial to get more targeted audiences. 
  4. If the ads website allows you to share on social media, use these options.
  5. Create a short and attractive title and make sure the content of your ad is relevant and original.
  6. To reach a wide range of audiences, post your ads in some targeted cities and countries. Try to include a website link to inform more about your business.

What makes a Perfect Classified ad?

A great and successful classified ad should look short, precise, and well described. You should explain what you are going to sell, key benefits of the products and services. And how it brings values or ease their life. Do not forget to include important contact details to reach you. Always avoid writing long descriptions. Perhaps it may seem boring to your potential buyer.

Do not skip any point or essential details. Always proofread and examine the clarity of your ad copy. Try to attach a business phone number. It will help your customer to reach you easily. If you follow these tips and tricks, you can post on all types of classified ad websites. Stick with these guidelines and promote your products more prominently.

What we offer for Classified Ad Posting

Here we will briefly describe our package and services to post free classified ads for your business. We offer four different services under the Classified ad posting service section. These are Kijiji posting service, Craigslist Posting Service, Gumtree Posting Service, and Ad Copywriting.

Kijiji Posting Service:

Our Kijiji posting service offers limited and bulk ad posting service for different categories. These are:  Kijiji Village, Buy & Sell, Cars & Vehicles, Real Estate, Jobs, Services, Pets, Community and Vacation Rentals. Each of these categories is fulfilling different needs and purposes. These are:

  • Kijiji village is well known for support & services, help, community help and information. You will find mainly local businesses and services here.
  • Buy & Sells has different subcategories to promote your industrial products and retail business. The car & Vehicles section allows you to buy and sell automotive and heavy equipment.
  • The real estate section is mainly selling, renting, and promoting real estate businesses all over Canada.
  • Job sections are finding job positions and searching local talents for different types of jobs.
  • You can offer different services in the service section.
  • The pets section is useful for pet care, buying, and selling adorable pets.
  • Community sections are promoting different types of the community for many purposes.

We can post your ad in all of these sections, including free and paid categories and cover all the states and cities in Canada. Our Kijiji posting service can cover multiple cities & categories and provide you nationwide ad posting facilities for your business. We can give you up to 100 ads per day per campaign.

Craigslist Posting Service:

Craigslist has a huge opportunity to post free ads. We can post your ads on multiple cities and communities of Craigslist to ensure maximum visibility. Our expert teams can examine your ads to follow the terms of Craigslist to minimize the flagging rate. We can maintain the 48 hours time difference to post the same ad. If you want to post more frequently, we may change your ads before posting. Our expert team can examine and follow ad posting policies for your ad campaign to decrease your ad flagging rate. We will forward each ad emails directly to your inbox. You can easily track the result and prepare an ROI report according to your industry. We can post a maximum of 100 ads per day per campaign. You can also increase or decrease this amount as your need.

Our Craigslist posting service is available for all cities of the USA and Canada. We can post in all types of sections and categories. So, you can easily adjust your campaign as your need.

Ad copyrighting Service:

Ad copyrighting is crucial for every business. If you want to stand yourself different from the crowd, a perfect ad copy can help you a lot. An ad title should be short and attractive to catch the attention of your customers. An ad description should be short, precise and to the point. It will not consist of thousands of words but good enough to describe your product and service. We will ensure that your ad copy will be easy to consume and catch your audience’s attention. We can write a perfect ad copy for $.06 /word with a brief SEO and keyword research for a specific marketplace.

Need any helps to post your ads on all big classified ad websites in the USA and Canada? Please give us the responsibility. We will provide you with an A to Z proven solution to post free classified ads on popular ad websites to get the highest rank and visibility.

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