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Classified advertising is a new form of marketing in the business world. Today I will talk about how to post an ad for free on top classified websites to get more exposure and sales. Posting Classified ads may seem like an old method of marketing. But if you do it right, you can easily run your business and gain popularity within a short time.

Classified ad website’s can increase your business growth and sales.

Purpose of classified Ads

One thing is important in classified advertisement. The purpose of your ad. Some businesses are only retail-based. So, they are looking for returning and new customers. Some business is local and only for a few targeted peoples. So, they are looking for customers from a local area. Some businesses are international, so they are targeted peoples from all around the world. Some businesses are client-based services, so they are looking for the person who needs their service.

Difference between classified websites

As the business and marketing needs, classified websites are different from one another. Some websites are showing retail ads for local and international customers. Some websites only feature the ad from a specific country or region. Some websites are popular for showing the housing/real estate/car ads. Some classified websites are used as a connection of business to business or business to customer relations.

Learn the website’s goal before post an ad for free

Before, you post an ad for free you must understand the website’s goals and purpose for free ad posting and classified marketing. Without understanding this, you will not able to meet with your potential customers as well as business goals and objectives.

For instance, there are around 10 classified websites in the internet world. They are extremely popular among marketers and entrepreneurs. These are:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Kijiji
  3. Gumtree
  4. Olx
  5. eBay
  6. Oodle
  7. Adpost
  8. Salespider
  9. Adsglobe
  10. Yakaz

and many more…I just name a few, so you can understand how vast the classified advertising or ad marketing around the world. Now we will go to describe their purpose and how you can choose the right website to fulfill your marketing needs.


Currently, Craigslist is the most popular website for local and international ads. This website is divided into several sections for the specific country, city, or town. So, anyone can find their local ads for jobs, housing, personals, services, gigs, community, resumes, and discussion forums. All types of B2B, B2C, or C2C Business are available there. Even an individual can easily sell their unused and unwanted items here. The interface is quite simple. So, you can use your own HTML template to post an ad. This website is usable for both basic and intermediate users. Simplicity is the beauty of Craigslist. You can also use the Craigslist posting service to promote ads on time.


One of the modern classified ad websites around Canada and the world, that has a lot of advanced features and usability. Kijiji has become more popular around the business world for its promotion and special feature ads. It is helpful for business owners who want to sell and promote their products. You can find a specific Kijiji posting service to run your marketing campaign. It will save time and money by posting/reposting your ads daily. Kijiji is popular for Kijiji village, Buy & Sell, Car & Vehicles, Real Estate, Jobs, Services, Pets, Community, and Vacation Rentals ad. Each ad type has some specific sections divided by the local city, country, and community. To get the highest results, you can use these properly.


It is one of the first classified websites in the UK. Now it is available for Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa. Gumtree is popular for advertising Real Estate, Furniture, Car, Services, Job offer, Merchandise, and many more. Gumtree has a huge fanbase in Social Media, that is a sign of their popularity. Anyone from the above countries can use gumtree to advertise their business or service. It is a promising marketplace for business and service both.


A series of the marketplace for local communities that buy and sell in their local areas. OLX is now popular in Brazil, Indonesia, Romania, India, South Africa, and Portugal. You will find more communities for other countries too. Currently, OLX is available for 30+ countries and featuring 20+ brand items. That means you can buy the brand products directly from OLX.


A leading advertising website for retail businesses. If you have unique items to promote, you can use this marketplace. But it takes time to establish your brand on eBay. Once you have good feedback and popular products, you do not have to look back on other websites. It is a good marketplace for small to medium businesses. This website only promotes physical items that we use in our everyday life. eBay is one of the best marketplaces for home businesses and retailers. You can also sell your unused, old, or antique items here.


Good for personal, jobs, and local classified ads. There are several categories for ad posting in Oodle. These are merchandise, cars, real estate, jobs, and more. Oodle is only available for the United States. But if you are looking for a job in the United States, you can use Oodle. You can post in Oodle using your own Facebook account.


Available for more than 1000 cites and 500 regions around the world. There are more than 30 billion unique views is occurring in a month in Adpost that is a huge potential for local businesses around the world. You will find free classifieds for the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, and Hong Kong here. There are three types of ads available here. These are Featured Sections, Business Sections, and Consumer Sections. Each type is divided into several categories. You can find the appropriate categories for your businesses.


A well-known sales website for businesses and retailers. It has also a free classified section, where you can post your ad. It has good potential for businesses and individuals to get quick leads and sales. You can list your business, find price comparison, and other features to scale and promote your business. Salespider could be an alternative of,, and for your business. Good for creating business connections and communities to growing a business.


Popular in the United States, India, South Africa. It is one of the leading classified advertising gateways for free classified ads. You can promote your real estate, rentals, items for sales, services, events, travel, business, pets, and community ads here. Good for finding targeted customers and business communities.


A job searching website that can find any jobs from more than 7000 sites at once. It is supported in 18 countries and available in two languages. A world-leading job searching bot for service type businesses. You can very easily find your preferred jobs from here.


Marketing is the foundation of every business. The more people know about your business and service, the more you will get sales and customers. If you have a business or service that you want to grow more, you can use these websites.

We can promote your business to all classified websites from here using a unique method and cloud system. If you rely on us, you do not have to post a lot of ads every day, but you will get your ad posted on time as per your schedule. Worry about how it works? We have an advanced reporting system for your every ad, that you can check anytime. If you want to post an ad for free on the top classified websites from above, contact us to run a test campaign. If everything goes right, you can lunch your own classified ad marketing campaign to get 100% ROI for your business.

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