How to Make a Successful Business Transaction in Kijiji

Posted at July 30, 2020 5:01 pm by proadmin

Making a successful business transaction in Kijiji is necessary to run a business. One thing is often heard from Kijiji customers that, “If you are interested in buying something from Kijiji, you don’t get any response from the sellers.” It will happened for the violation of Ad reply code of conduct. So, here we will discuss some techniques and steps to make a successful business transaction in Kijiji.

Is there any bug in Kijiji email System?

There is no bug in Kijiji email system, because it is managed by active developers and system administrator. Sometimes, you will still not get any reply from your buyer or seller on time. In this situation patience is the key. If you did not get any reply after waiting a plenty of time, then you can repost your ad alternates or better version to get attention from your sellers. If you are a buyer and you already send a reply by following the Ad reply code of conduct, wait at least one week to get reply. Because some sellers are checking email in every few days after posting their ads. If you still do not get any answer then there may be a problem with the sender’s or recipient’s email system.

What can I do if Kijiji email system fails?

In some extraordinary situation, the Kijiji email system does not work properly. You can contact the customer service in these situations. If there is still any bugs or flaws in Kijiji email system, you cannot solve this issue from your end. So, it is better to contact the customer care for a permanent solution.

If Kijiji hide replies for a calculated strategy or programming errors, it is beyond your control. If you have clear evidence that the Kijiji email system does not work properly for your ad, please contact their customer service.

We assume that it is working properly as you need. But still, you do not get any reply or feedback. In this situation, you can follow the steps below:

If you are a Kijiji seller:

  • If you want to sell your item quickly at the highest price, make sure that customers can easily reach you. You can use ad boosting, bumping, or paid ad posting/reposting service to fulfill this need.
  • Check your email frequently, including your spam folders. Do not forget to list your email to the Kijiji ad.
  • If you want to talk to your potential customers, be sure to add your phone number to the Kijiji ad. If your product is in high demand, you will get a phone call at an unexpected time. Be prepared for it.
  • If you want to show your phone number on the left side of your ad, you can use the Kijiji phone number option. If you have well equipped, you can make skype calls too.
  • Try to give a reply on time. Use gentle and polite language while replying. For instance, If your buyer requested for an item that already sold out, you can say, “Sorry, your requested item has been sold.” If they are asking to negotiate the price and it is not possible for you then you can say, “Thank you, I’ll sell at this price. If you see any offer less then this price, you can try for this.” If a buyer asking for the features and quality of your product, then you can say “My product is exactly the same, as you have seen in the adverts.”

If you are a Kijiji buyer:

  • Do not write anything in your message, that looks like spam. Do not ask “is this item available now”. You should assume that this item is available for sale, and you can send an offer for this.
  • Do not reduce the price. If the price is reasonable, buy at the asking price. If you think that you can buy it for less, ask gently. Do not say any specific number. It will be considered as a rude behavior and your message can be deleted.
  • Offer to pick the item yourself. Do not expect delivery.
  • If you give any specific time to pick up the product, be on time.
  • Do not ask too much question, if you know for sure that one of the items was not matching with the ad or image, then you can ask the seller.
  • Reply massage should be like this: “I want to buy your product at $150. I have this amount right now. I want to see you between 5.30pm to 6.00pm in (location). Can you give me time? This email will go straight to my phone, So I’m expecting your answer.”

If you write your message by following the above rules and Kijiji Ad reply code of conduct, you will get a quick reply from any Kijiji sellers or buyers. By following these tips and tricks, you can make any business transaction in Kijiji safely and easily. If you have any thoughts on this, let us know in the comments below.

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