How to Get Bump for a Post in Kijiji to Ensure Visibility

Posted at June 28, 2020 9:08 pm by proadmin

If you are posting ads on Kijiji you may know that what is Bump for a Post in Kijiji. Bump is a push up for ads that ensures the first-page position for a given category. For online classified advertising, you may notice that your ads will be dropping off the page rank within some days. Kijiji Ads are usually appearing in descending date order. So, as much your adverts get older as far you will go from the first-page ranking.

Most peoples are likely viewing the first 3 page adverts from a category or niche. To buy something or get an idea of a product it is enough browsing. So, if your adverts are available on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd page, there is a big chance to get a sell. So Bump for a Post in Kijiji is necessary to ensure maximum visibility.

Generally, ordinary adverts lost it’s ranking over time. An average ad could be ended up on Page 10 within a few days. Or, It will get out of the eyes from ordinary viewers within most of 2-3 days. So, if you want to push it up again or ensure the first position, you have to delete the older ads and post a new ad. Or, you can also bump your old ads on the first page for a little amount of money ranging from $5-$9.99.

Kijiji has some built-in paid features to bump an old ad for some fees for a certain amount of time. But, you can consider the free option to bump your ads without any fees. For this try, make an ad template, before you post any ads. Once, your ads are getting older and removed from the first page, you can delete the previous ad and repost it from the premade template. This is what we do in the ad posing service. It will ensure your ads on the first page for all time. By using our service, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to keep your ads in the first position.

The paid option for bumping an ad is pretty good, as it saves your extra efforts to post adverts again and again. But, if you consider manual process it will cost around $0.50-$2 per post depending on the industry or category. So, it is a wise decision to hire professional ad posters, who can prepare, post, and track your adverts on time. So, you will get peace in mind to focus on your business growth.

If you want to get manual bumps for your ads you can contact us to do the hard stuff. All we need your ad titles, descriptions, and images to schedule a perfect ad posting campaign. It will boost your sales day by day.

Our approach is completely different from other ad posters. Because we use the unique setup and cloud configuration to post your ads from your local IP address. We are monitoring your ad campaign, so you don’t have to check your ads each time. We have an automated template to send you a report from google doc. So, you can review the result of ad posting in your free time or on the go from a mobile device.

To measure your success, you can track the email or phone calls from interested buyers to illustrate a full picture of your ad campaign. If you can handle each lead, you will get a successful sales for sure. But, it takes time to establish a business. So, ensuring a higher position for a given category will drive the highest visibility. It will bring reputation, authority, and popularity for your brand or business. That is not a little factor at all.

Interested in our Kijiji ad posting service? We are here for you to boost your business. We will start your campaign, once you are fully satisfied with our service. No upfront, no fees for consultancy. You will pay once you get the result of adverts. Contact us or Call us to get a quote or schedule an interview.

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