How to Find a New Job in 2021 using Classified Ads Website

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Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, you need a lucrative job to survive and fulfilling your daily living costs. To find a new job in 2021, doesn’t always need to go outside. In this internet era, you can search and find an attractive job position from your home comfort. Let’s explore Classified Ads!

Classifieds Ads are not limited to the newspapers now. Many websites are available to fulfilling the communication between job seekers and employers. All you need to have a good internet connection and patience to search and apply for these jobs.

Let me see some well-known options to finding a job from Craigslist and Kijiji.

You can find a lot of open job positions using Craigslist and Kijiji search options. Use your job keyword to find your preferred job. For example, if you’re a web designer. You can search with the keyword “Web Designer Needed [In a specific area, such as Toronto]” or “Web Design Jobs in Toronto.” Then Craigslist or Kijiji will do the rest. Look at the job one by one that suits your need. Remember, these job posts can contains email addresses, phone numbers, or website names. You can create a separation spreadsheet/excel sheet to gather these information’s.

Once you’re collecting the necessary information and job descriptions, revised them again and understand the job’s requirements. Create a beautiful resume and cover letter based on these jobs and your previous experience and submit it to the given website or email address. If the job has an office, that is located in your local area, try to visit and submit a hard copy of your job application. Otherwise, you can submit your job application using the email address or website contact form.

Gather as many related jobs as possible, and you will get one that suits your needs. Apply for all of them and wait for the answers. You can meet with your employer face to face or using a video conference. Try to get up formally as you are getting out for an interview because looks or appearance is an essential factor to proving yourself professional and smart. Some jobs are don’t need smartness other than professional skills, but it can prove that how serious you are to getting this job.

Try to record each interview and note down the important point later on. Either you will get an appointment for this job or not, it will be useful for you in the future.

Offer a service using classified ads

If you’re thinking that job searching is daunting and time-consuming work, you can try to post regular classified ads offering your services. There are a lot of employers available who read these posts to find an appropriate employee. Give your contact info and the business phone number. So that, they can easily reach you. If you are feeling uncomfortable, you can use a vanity or temporary number for this purpose only. This way, you can protect yourself from unwanted email or phone calls.

Try to use freelance marketplace

Nowadays, freelance marketplaces are not a free option to find a job. You have to buy connect or other virtual currencies to get a new job from these marketplaces. Virtual currencies are useful to reduce spam posts from these marketplaces and give space for the right talent. However, some of these marketplaces are still free to find a new job or advertise your services. If you are an expert on more than one area, try to focus on a preferred skillset and keep yourself updated on these area. It will help you to stand out from the crowds.

Develop a purpose-driven Twitter profile

These days Twitter is handy to create brand awareness and address a specific business needs. You can use the power of hashtags and search to reach out to your targeted audiences. For example, if you want to build a connection with Web design related people’s, try to use #webdesign in your every post that offer web design gigs or tasks related to web design. Once you build and developing a targeted audience base, you can offer them a new product or service related to web design.

You can also create a separate list for web design influencers, industry leaders or communities. Build a relationship with them and offer your services periodically.

Use Facebook Job Search

Facebook has a separate job board that offers targeted jobs from your local area. You can use this option to find a better job in your local area. But first, build your Facebook profile that is looking professional and represents your skills. A good Facebook profile tells a lot about your professionalism and seriousness to your client. So, be aware of creating a meaningful connection.

Use a professional Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is specifically useful for professional and business-minded peoples. If you are new in the job market, try to update your profile with all the necessary skills and academic qualifications. Try to take some courses and assessments to prove your practical skills. Create an insightful connection with your industry leaders and regularly check the job board. You can make a professional resume and set a job alert to apply for these positions. Once you get an interview, try to attend ASAP. A clutter-free social media appearance is vital for a balanced carrier.

Make a new website offering your services

For each professional service and product, there are thousands of websites available on the market. Creating a website is not always helpful if you can’t develop a better strategy to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. However, if your concept is unique and out of the box, you can easily reach the right people who wants to use your services. To secure first place from a search engine, you have to focus on SEO and network building and regularly post insightful articles to drive customers to your website.

Use our classified ad posting service

Have a limited budget but wants to meet your business goals without spending too much? You can use our ad posting service to reach your goals quickly. Our classified ad posting process is regular, on time and budget. To get the highest results from any advertising campaign, time and regular posting are very important. However, you are limited to posting only two ads per day per account for Kijiji, and 48 hours gap for Craigslist that is not always good if you want to cover more than one categories or cities. You can’t post if you are getting blocked for policy violation or use two accounts from the same IP address. Sometimes it is very hard to handle without proper technical knowledge.

So our service can be the best solution to address these problems. Using our services, you don’t have to post classified ads everyday. Confirm your invoice and get rid from the repetitive task. We can setup a unique browser profile and unique IP address to post your ads regularly without getting blocked. We can create ad variation and unique ad contents for more than one post that doesn’t violate the identical ad content policy. Using our service, you’ll get an intensive cloud service, that seems different people’s are posting unique ads from different location that is fully complements the ad policy of Kijiji and Craigslist. However, later on, we will forward all email leads to your email, to find an appropriate job that suited with your needs.


Either you already build up a robust online presence, or just starting out, we can help both types of candidates. Use our service to get your first job and continue our service to getting the regular flow of leads. Are you Interested? Contact us right now to schedule an appointment or service ad for Kijiji/Craigslist. We are offering a 1-week free trial for two ads to review and test our service. So you can decide our efficiency and schedule maintenance skill. Write a perfect ad copy, Set the time and give us to Schedule for every day to post on time and get your phone ringing. It’s very simple. You don’t have to search for a job. The job will search for you.

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