#3 Super Easy Way to Track Craigslist Ad Results

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It’s important to track Craigslist ad results to measure your ad conversion rate from a campaign. Usually, you can track ad results by Craigslist views. If you want to track an ad on Craigslist, you can count email replies, phone calls, and website visits as a measurement.

How to Trace a Craiglist Post and Track Ad Results

You may wonder how to trace a Craigslist post without any ad tracker. But before posting any ad, it is necessary to examine your ad copy first. If you want to add a view counter on Craigslist, you may not be successful nowadays. Craigslist is very strict about third-party bots and view counters. If you want to create the best Craigslist ads and ad campaigns to get real results from your ad campaign, follow the rules below.

How to Track Craigslist Ad Results

It is essential to know the contact information that your customers are using to contact you to track your ad conversions. If you sell locally and want to track your ad conversion rate, you can use call tracking or email tracking software. A business email address, telephone number, or website address can be easily tracked by some software. But make sure that they are unique and used for your business purposes only.

Some Popular Methods to Track Craigslist Ad Results

You can also use Craigslist ad tracker software or a paid service for tracking Craigslist views or ad results and listing them in an Excel sheet. But these tracking tools and software are likely bots that can be easily blocked by Craigslist. So, measuring your ad conversion rate is not very useful using these systems right now.

How to Track Craigslist Ads Results
Track Craigslist Ads Results to Create an Insightful Report – Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

On the other hand, call tracking or email tracking software does not interact with Craigslist websites directly or send robots to the website to track the views. Instead, they count the phone calls by a unique call forwarding number or email that you are using in your ad as a contact method.

Make a Dedicated Landing Page

To track your ad visitors, you can make a dedicated landing page for a specific product or service and include this URL in your ad as a call to action. Then you can use Google Analytics or other tracking methods to track the page views of the landing page. So, these are the main methods to track your Craigslist ad conversion rate. You can use these methods without any restrictions and accurately count the leads coming from a Craiglist advertisement.

Note that: including URLs and emails explicitly in the ad content is discouraged by Craigslist right now.

How to Measure Craiglist Ad Success

To measure the success of an advertisement, find the units of sold products or usage of services in a given period after placing your ads on Craigslist. It is normal to have a gap between supply and demand for a certain period or season. So take notes on ad type and consumer demand from your local business trends and competitors.

Find Winning Products

If the volume of views on a specific product or service increases organically, it signifies rising demand. If it happens, you can add discounts to your product price or improve the quality to encourage your customers to take action.

Let’s say you are going to advertise one type of product or service. But you notice that they are already available on Craigslist. In this situation, you must wait until the market value of this product is stable. In the meantime, you should focus on a different product that is not available right now.

Peak Seasons

Every product or service has a peak season. Consider the population and lifestyle of a city before selling your product. How much of your product will be sold depends on your target audience’s income, entertainment habits, and lifestyle.

A service or product’s demand can quickly change depending on the season or economic condition of your buyers. For example, in wintertime, you cannot sell summer clothing anywhere. Christmas goods are not sold during Halloween. The demand for burning wood in New York is deficient. But it has a great need in rural areas, where other types of fuel are rarely available.

Attract Customers

Be focused on how you can become more appealing to a new customer. You must explain the right features and customer benefits in your ad copy to attract local customers. If you can successfully track the ad results, you will find your targeted customers who genuinely want to use your service or buy your products.

This way, you can achieve customer satisfaction and social proof, which can increase your profits day by day. As your profits increase, you can expand your business on the market by increasing the number of ads.

How We Can Help

In Proadpost, we can track Craigslist ad results by manually reviewing and counting Craigslist views from the previous ad campaign. We can also help you create and implement a new ad campaign based on these insights. If you are interested in our service, please feel free to request a quote. We’ll do our best to achieve your business goals.

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