Craigslist Posting Types and Categories for Ad Posting

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Craigslist Posting Types and Categories for Ad Posting

There are a total of nine Craiglist posting types and categories available on Craigslist. Once you click on the “create a post” link from the left side of the Craigslist homepage, you will go to a simple page where you can choose the ad posting types.

It is very organized and simple to use. Here we are going to describe the posting types of Craiglist, which help you choose the right category for your ads.  Once, you choose the right ad type, you will be directed to a page that shows some categories related to your ad type.

For example, if you choose the “job offered” in post type, it will redirect you to the job category page to choosing your preferred job.

As we say before there are total five types of ad available in Craigslist. Each type has some different categories:

Jobs ads for Craigslist:

This ad type has a total of 31 job categories. Using this category, you can offer a service to potential candidates and search for talented people for your job postings.

Gigs ad:

Gigs are small works that are done by independent workers. It is now popular in the freelance world. You can want the gig service for a certain category or offer a gig service in Craiglist.

Resumes/ Job wanted Ads:

These types of ads are useful for unemployed peoples or the people who are seeking a professional. Here you will find some categories to advertise, offer, or seek for your preferred jobs or candidates. Good for freelancers, workers, and other types of individuals to find local workers.

Housing ad:

There are two types of ads available in the housing section. Housing offered and Housing wanted. Each type has some particular categories for rent, sale, or buying apartments, real estate, and other properties.

For sale ad:

There are two types of sale ads available on Craigslist. For sale by owners and for sale by dealers. Each type has more than 30 categories. If you are an owner and you want to sell your used products, there are no fees applied (except some categories). But if you are a dealer, there will be $3 fees applied for each category you select to post your ads.

Wanted ad: 

If you want a product as a dealer or owner you can use the “wanted by dealer” and “wanted by owner” ads. It has no categories and you can post anything you want to buy as an owner or dealer.

Service ad:

If you have any talents/services to offer, you can use this ad type. Each category of service ad will cost you $5 per ad. So, you have to carefully prepare your job descriptions to find an appropriate job.

Community ad:

These types of ads are ideal for the event planner and community influencers. You can find your social activity partner, child care, artists, and many more purpose-driven ads here. So, if you are a community influencer or Social activist it is the option to find same-minded peoples.

Event ad:

Event ads are especially useful for advertising. If you have a local business, events, rentals, transport, real estate, events, or training sessions you can use these ad types.

Here are some ad types to post your ads on Craigslist. If you are looking for an expert to find the appropriate ad types and category for your advert, you can contact us. We will help you to pick the right ad type and categories to post your ads successfully on Craigslist.

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