Ad Posting Service to Save Time and Effort Every day

Posted at May 3, 2021 8:33 pm by proadmin

Need Ad Posting Service to Save Time and Effort?

Does your service or business massively rely on classified Ads? Do you need an ongoing virtual assistant service to save 1-4 hours daily to post Ads on various classified websites?

If you need this type of intensive service for your business, we can help. We have managed cloud-based servers and hand-coded scripts that will ensure a high-quality ad posting service with 100% live guarantee for your business/services.

We can run your Ads 1 or 2 times interval within a day so that you can capture the maximum amount of leads for your business. We can post your ads in any targeted city and location anytime within a day.

All of our ads can be posted within a perfect time using hand-coded custom scripts. So that, you will not miss any targeted Leads/sales for your ads within a day.

How we prepare the Ad Posting Plan for a Campaign

Before making a perfect plan, we use real-time data from the targeted website. We extracted all required data that give us the exact picture of a particular category (e.g., How many ads are posted daily in a category and how often).

Then we prepare and schedule our campaign based on this data. We 100% ensure to reach your targeted audience by posting your ad within a perfect time.

Briefly, making a plan for a campaign needs some in-depth insight and calculations that we extract using some standard data science method to prepare our ad script. We can measure all ads from a targeted city and category within a certain period. We can find the pick hour for specific Ads and make a plan to post them accordingly.

Then we are making our final ad scripts and running them from a dedicated cloud server. These tasks require custom code and modern technologies that a typical ad poster can’t execute.

That is why we invest our time to prepare a perfect method that can save your time, money, and extra effort to post all your ads manually.

If you want to keep your ads in the upper position by posting them every day or wish to place your ad to promote them later, we cordially invite you to contact us. We will relieve you from repetitive tasks and save your time to invest in your core business. And you will get regular leads to sustain your business over time.

Feel free to contact us to code and prepare your next ad posting campaign from a dedicated server. Technologies are available, and we are able to connect them to execute your ad posting plan successfully. Have a great day, and never miss a valuable lead.

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